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Adoption Law

David Goldstein has successfully facilitated independent adoptions and step-parent adoptions. He intimately understands the process and the rights of the prospective adoptive parents.  Each case can be very unique and therefore it is important to speak with an experienced attorney before any legal proceedings are initiated.  

Prospective adoptive parents can assist in the process by reviewing the forms and gathering the information required to prepare the appropriate paperwork. The California Court’s webpage provides an overview of the adoption process as well as links to the required formshttp://www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-adoption.htm

Adoptions are always an emotional experience. David Goldstein provides families with caring and thoughtful guidance through this process.


A Guardianship occurs when someone other than a child’s parents has custody of the child and or manages the child’s property. David Goldstein can explain all of the steps, information and forms required by the Probate Court in guardianship proceedings.  

David Goldstein will explain the difference between guardianship and adoption, and assist you with determining which is best for your unique situation. 

Please fill out the contact form and includebrief description of your situation, and you will be contacted promptly to discuss your matter.


Juvenile delinquency proceedings are initiated when a minor child is accused of breaking the law. In some of the more serious cases, a child can be charged as an adult. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the procedural aspects, as well as your options, in these types of cases.  Attorney David Goldstein has represented children charged with misdemeanors, such as petty theft, vandalism and battery, as well as children charged with serious felonies, including murder, robbery and assault.

David Goldstein vigorously advocates for his clients, while ensuring the client is duly informed about all aspects of the case. 

The California courts provide useful information in regards to the rights and proceedings surrounding delinquency cases. http://www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-delinquency.htm

To better understands your rights and to prepare for proceedings, fill out an online form or call for a free consultation.


Dependency Court hearings are usually initiated by Child Protective Services and based upon allegations that a parent is unfit or unable to care for their children, due to abuse or neglect.

Dependency cases are of particular importance as they can alter the life of both parents and children forever. Having a lawyer who knows California dependency laws can ensure the best possible outcome for all those involved.  David Goldstein has represented thousands of parents in the Juvenile Courts, after Child Protective Services stepped in, initiated investigations and or removed children from their homes. He will keep you informed of your rights at every stage of the case, effectively and aggressively represent your interests and fight for your family.

In addition, Mr. Goldstein has extensive experience representing relatives in Dependency actions, as there are motions that can be filed with the Court to ensure their rights are protected. David Goldstein routinely files Defacto Parent motions.  

As soon as a dependency case opens it is important to contact a lawyer to understand your rights. The video provided through the California Courts further explains the steps involved during these cases. Fill out the online form and you will be promptly contacted to discuss the ideal plan of action for your case.


Foster parents have an essential role in juvenile dependency proceedings.  It is important to contact a lawyer to understand the rights foster parents can assert in proceedings involving children.

David Goldstein has represented foster parents/caretakers for many years and understands each step in a dependency action, as well as all appealable issues in dependency matters. 

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